Meet The Team




We seek to be a vibrant church demonstrating the love of Christ, vital to the life and hope of our city. Together we will

  • Focus on Christ

  • Build for generations to come

  • Reach the city of Winchester

  • Love others


You wont find an endless list of programs at FBCW.  We seek to do a few things and do them well. We believe we are called to focus on these four things: 

  • Care for others

  • Powerful worship

  • Live in community

  • Invest in the next generation


We are not perfect, but we are a loving church.  Here a few truths that might help you better understand our church:

  • Jesus is Lord

  • We are diverse, but unified in love

  • We value women in leadership

  • We appreciate our history

  • We look to reach the community


We are committed  to worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ and we have a place for you.


We believe in the historic Baptist premises of…

.  The authority and sufficiency of the Bible

∙  Salvation by grace through faith in Christ


∙  Baptism of  believers by immersion  

∙  Two ordinances  – Lord’s Supper & Baptism

∙  The autonomy of the local congregation    

∙  Religious liberty for all people

∙  Separation of church and state    

∙  Taking the gospel around the corner and

    around the world 


We partner with the…

Central Kentucky Network of Baptist (Lexington, Kentucky)

Winchester/Clark County Community Needs Center

We are affiliated with the...

We are an unaffiliated Baptist church with deep, historic ties to the Southern Baptist Church and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship