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May 2, 2023

Pastor Search Committee Moves Forward
The Pastor Search Committee adopted a six-step process of searching for a
pastor. Handouts were distributed following a recent worship service and posters have been placed in the church building which describe this process. You can also find updated information at our website:

The six-step process includes the following steps (each step includes much prayer by the congregation and by the search committee):
1. Planning—This phase included developing a covenant, electing officers, getting organized, and leading congregational roundtables to gain information about the hopes and dreams of people in the congregation.

2. Development—The search committee is currently at this point in their process. The Development phase includes developing a Church Profile and developing a Pastor Profile. The Church Profile contains vital information about the church’s history, identity, community, and future hopes. The Pastor Profile contains a snapshot of the desired characteristics the congregation has of the future pastor. Both Profiles will be informed by congregational discussions as well as two churchwide questionnaires. The Church Profile and Pastor Profile provide the
Pastor Search Committee with vital information as they discern God’s person to lead the congregation as pastor. Following the development of these profiles, the search committee will “advertise” the position.

3. Evaluation—This phase includes receiving and evaluating resumes of potential pastoral candidates. 


4. Interview and Screening—During this phase of our work, the search will be narrowed to a smaller pool of candidates. The Search Committee will conduct virtual interviews, check references, and engage potential candidates in person.

5. Recommendation—The Pastor Search Committee will prayerfully decide on one candidate and move toward presenting that candidate to the congregation. Members of the congregation will have an opportunity to meet the prospective pastor (and family), and to vote in a called business meeting.

6. Transition—The congregation will join the search committee in welcoming the new pastor and family and assisting with relocation and orientation to the church and to the community.

Please continue praying for the Pastor Search Committee as they lead the search for a new pastor: Members of the Pastor Search Committee are: Bob Miller, Chair, Deb Ockers, Vice Chair, Susan Keffer, Secretary, Bev Allen, Dan Sawyers, Emily Oliver, and Lois Webb.

The Pastor Search Committee is in the process of creating a profile for First Baptist Church Winchester. You should have received an email from the church office for a survey link. If you are unable to complete an online survey, a printed version can be picked up in the church office. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

April 2, 2023

The Pastor Search Committee is prayerfully seeking our next pastor. Our game plan is comprised of six different processes that we feel will lead us to the person the Lord has planned for our church. We are currently in the “planning” process. The Pastor Search Committee will continue to gather information by conducting round table discussions and by developing a survey for the church members. We encourage you to attend the next round table discussion as your input is needed to help us develop a church and pastor profile. As we steadily move to the next process, our website will be updated with our entire game plan and the process we will follow as we search for our next pastor. We ask for your continued prayers, patience, and support.

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